We acquire, build, and grow amazing software businesses.

We give founders wonderful exits with simple and fair terms, a fast and stress-free process, and an awesome new home where your business will continue to thrive.

What We Like

Valuable Products

Like mission-critical tools or anything customers really value and pay for directly.

Happy Customers

Our single best measure of product quality and the raison d'être of any business.

Sustainable Growth

Driven by a strong brand or community or other genuine organic channels.

Recurring Revenues

Like SaaS or similar subscription models built on long-term customer relationships.

High Margins

Like software or similar services with high automation, efficiency, and productivity.

We typically focus on small, underappreciated SaaS businesses that don't fit the criteria of traditional venture capital or private equity.

Our Simple Process


in 24-48 hours


in 3-5 days


in 15-30 days

Efficient due-diligence process that respects founders' time.

Cash-upfront offers without complex terms.

No in-person meetings.

Our Promise

The best founder experience, period.

We are prompt and focused - we never waste founders' time.

We are honest, upfront, and transparent with our offers - we mean what we say and are committed to following through.

We build for the long-term with permanent capital - our holding period is forever (we do not "flip").

Not sure if your business meets our criteria?

Get in touch anyway - we'll let you know quickly, we're always happy to meet fellow founders, and we may connect you with partners we know who can help!

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